What are the benefits of Green Tea for skin care?

What are the benefits of Green Tea for skin care?

Green tea provides lots of benefits to skin. Drinking green tea regularly proves to be very beneficial for health including skins. It is full of anti-oxidant called polyphenol which helps in fighting from free-radicals. It in turn helps in giving skin young, charming, beautiful and healthy look.

Free-radicals are highly reactive molecules of the body. It is produced naturally in the cells with the help of oxygen. As they produced with shortage of electrons, they always try to steal electrons from other molecules to their own shortage. Doing this stabilizes the free radicals but unstabilize the victim molecule. Now the victim molecule perform the same process of stealing electron from other molecule. It gives rise to chain reaction which causes improper cell functioning and mutations.

Now free radicals which are in search of electrons, breaks down the collagen in the process and damages the skin. Collagen is protein which occurs naturally in the skin. When skin starts losing proteins in the form of collagen and other nutrients then the firmness and strength also starts diminishing. Losing such vital nutrients sometimes lead to cancer.

You can ask that how the free radicals are produced? These radicals occurs naturally. The rate of their occurring increases by the exposure of skin in sunlight(UV rays), pollution, drugs, extreme heat or colds, etc. When the exposure of skin to such sources decreases then the rate also decreases. Consuming anti-oxidants also fights with the free radicals.

Anti-oxidants found in food, drinks or dietary supplements provides electrons which free radicals need. It in turn stabilizes the radical and stops the on going chain reaction. In certain food, anti-oxidants are found in very high concentration. Eating such food regularly keeps body full of anti-oxidants and hence prevents skin from any kind of further damage. One such provider of anti-oxidant is green tea. Green tea contains polyphenols which is known as strongest anti-oxidant. It is the natural way of providing body the capacity to eliminate free radicals from the body.