Precor Treadmill Reviews

Precor Treadmill Reviews

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The Precor 9.23 and 9.27 treadmills are two entry level home treadmills from Precor.

These treadmills are well made for their price category, but are not going to give

you the same quality and durability you will get on their 9.3 series home treadmills.

The footprint for these two treadmills is small by today’s standards, but will be

easy to find a spot in your home if space is an issue. The electronics are simple,

easy to navigate and offer the all the basic functions.

The 9.23 treadmill has six programs while the 9.27 treadmill has ten programs

You can monitor your heart rate with the contact hand sensors on either machine.

If you like the wireless HR telemetry and interactive heart rate programs than you

would need to buy the 9.27 treadmill. The deck system on these treadmills offered

decent shock absorption and the base was stable during our testing. The 9.23 does

not offer side rails to hold on to, so this may be an issue for walkers. Although

this may be attractive for runners. Generally, walkers usually prefer arm rails while

The Precor 9.27 does offer the side rails, and along with the wireless heart rate

and extra programs may justify an upgrade by some users. One of the most appealing

features of Precor treadmills is the excellent warranty: ten years parts/one year

labor. Precor continues their standard of offering a good warranty even on their

entry level products. You can find the specs on the Precor 9.23 and Precor 9.27 here.

We rate the Precor 9.23/9.27 Treadmills with a “Recommended” rating, although it

has stiff competition at this price point.

The Precor 9.31 Treadmill is the first in a series of three treadmills from Precor

that offer tremendous features and quality for serious Home Fitness enthusiasts.

This series of treadmills offers a very heavy duty frame structure with an oversized

deck and 22” Belt width. If you want a commercial like quality treadmill for your

home with a basic electronics package, this treadmill is worth trying out. There

are no side arm rails on this model, so again personal preference here, but this

This series also offers a superior shock absorptions system to their entry level

treadmills. The deck was firm, but very easy on the joints while running. Although

the 9.31 doesn’t offer as many programs as the upper models, it has enough to keep

you motivated and challenged. The console was easy to navigate and the four lower

electronic windows give you feedback on your important stat all at once such as time,

distance, speed, and incline. The oversized belt offers plenty of width, however

the length is a little shorter at 56” than the industry standard of 20”x60” (even

on lower price point machines). With an excellent warranty and made in the USA, this

machine is a top contender in its price point. More info/specs on the Precor 9.31

We rate the Precor 9.31 treadmill with a “Recommended” rating, although again there

is numerous competition at this price point worth considering.

If you like the Precor 9.31 treadmill’s performance and durability but want more

features, then the 9.33 treadmill offers some extras. The 9.33 has the same base

structure, deck, belt, motor, but offers the side arm rails to satisfy the needs

of the walker. It also offers the contact heart rate and wireless telemetry as the

other two 9 series models. There are two User Id’s and a great selection of programs

to give you more workout variety. As mentioned previously, the 9 series of Precor

treadmills are very well made and the 9.33 in the middle of the line up has some

nice features depending on what your looking for. More info/specs on the Precor 9.33

We rate the Precor 9.33 treadmill with a “Recommended” rating for a high end home

treadmill with great quality and features.

The Precor 9.35 treadmill is the ultimate treadmill for someone that wants all

the extras for workout variety and feedback. It is an excellent choice for the multi-person

household that wants to accommodate everyone’s workout needs. The 9.35 treadmill

has some unique features that aren’t offered on the 9.31 or 9.33 models. This treadmill

has a 2% decline to better simulate outdoor or road conditions. The statistics person

in the family will enjoy the extra metrics window that gives feedback on stats such

as average heart rate, average speed, calories per hour, METS, personal best records

for distance based courses, time in heart rate zone, and percent complete. The large

selection of programs and the four User Id’s will give your household plenty of workout

The benefit of all the extra electronic features is that it will help keep you

motivated and challenged to continue to improve your fitness levels. This is one

of the keys to long term success in any fitness program. Using the same manual program

over and over will not yield results for long! If you are looking for a high performance

home treadmill, the Precor 9.35 treadmill is a top choice for durability, workout

variety, and excellent warranty. You can find more info/specs on the Precor 9.35

We rate the Precor 9.35 treadmill with a “Highly Recommended” rating.