5 Ways to Avoid Unnecessary Caesar Surgery

5 Ways to Avoid Unnecessary Caesar Surgery

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Cesarean birth should be done if there is a dangerous medical disorders. But many pregnant women who delivered by cesarean without medical reason. Actually there is a way to avoid cesarean section.

healthy choice 5 Ways to Avoid Unnecessary Caesar Surgery

The number of pregnant women with a cesarean delivery increased, but some of them can actually give birth normally. Therefore there are several conditions that can be done to prevent unnecessary cesarean.

Performed a caesarean section if the risk to the mother and baby such as infection, bleeding, there are certain illnesses or problems such as infant miiliki entangled umbilical cord, respiratory distress or problems in the placenta.

There are several ways that can be waged in order to avoid unnecessary cesarean section, namely:

1. Do not do induction unless medically necessary.
Several studies have shown to induce the birth process tends to lead to a caesarean section.

Dr. Michael Klein of the University of British Columbia who mipelajari about caesar said 44 percent of women who are induced end up with a cesarean section. Because when a woman stimulates the cervix is ​​not ready can lead to unproductive labor that requires one to have a caesarean.

2. Stay at home until it reaches the opening 3
Wait at home until the birth process can help prevent the opening of three Caesarean births.

Dr. Elliott Main, director of obstetrics at Sutter Health in California said no one likes to be in hospital for too long, so that it can cause anxiety which can slow the delivery process. Because it could not hurt to wait at home.

3. Choose hospitals and doctors are carefully
If vaginal delivery is an important thing, then choose doctors and hospitals with low cesarean section rate.

Prospective parents can find information on what percentage of caesarean section rate at the hospital, choose one that has the smallest value.

4. If the doctor requires perform caesarean section in the delivery room, ask why.
In some situations require that pregnant women sometimes doctors to perform caesarean section after entry into the delivery room.

Nothing wrong for parents to inquire about how to perform a cesarean section to save her baby.

5. Enlist the help of a companion during childbirth
Getting support is one factor that mipengaruhi success of the delivery process.

With a coach or assistant in the delivery process could provide support in the form of gentle massage, relaxation and helping pregnant women to feel comfortable during labor.

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