Holistically healthy approach in terms of nutrition, exercise, positive thinking, and alternative health.

Holistically healthy approach in terms of nutrition, exercise, positive thinking, and alternative health.

The holistic healing approach is the most powerful form of healing. In this method, we delve into the wholeness of the person and not just the ailment. After all we are more than just our physical body. We think and feel, and live in a society. Being healthy physically is not enough, people need affirmation for who they are. Success and achievement also play an important role in our well-being. In a nutshell, we are psychological, physical, social, and spiritual being, and our needs should be addressed accordingly.

Diet, nutrition and exercise play important roles in maintaining health and preventing disease. Holistic health is a concept in medical practice which emphasize that all aspects of people''s needs including: - physical - psychological - social - spiritual should be taken into account and view in its entirety.

Yes, holistic health is a very broad range because a person is comprise not just of his or her physical body but many other elements that make up who the person is. This holistic view about treatment is widely accepted in medicine. Even in alternative medicine the claim that disease is a result of physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental imbalance; is widespread.

I believe everyone one of us have the capacity to achieve higher level of consciousness. Spirituality is an important aspect to look into. I discover through research that many healing modalities actually contain spiritual elements in overcoming past traumatic events and illnesses. The healing code by Dr Alexander Lyod is such an example. His method is surprisingly effective. Though the spiritual aspect is not necessary, it is still a powerful platform for those who have a preference for it. As in most healing of this nature, the religion of choice is up to the person. No specifics are required.

Alternative healing can be a great source of healing and help. This is especially true for people who are dealing with issues of anger, anxiety, worry, discontent, lack of achievement, relationship problems, disharmony, physical ailments, and many more. The stress in our lives create increasing burden on the immune system of the body and can create a host of problems such as above. So, managing stress the right way can spell a great deal of relief and recovery.

They are many research done on the topic of stress. In them, they discover stress can cause up to 98% of all illnesses and conditions. Even cancer, rheumatism, heart disease, allergies, flu, and etc, are cause by stress. For instance; during stressful times many of us have encountered increased back and joint pains, susceptibility to flu and other infections, vision deterioration, and ulcers. The stress and its effects will alleviate once the situation eases. If the stress is prolong and comes from unresolved deep-seated issues, then the possibility of developing a kind of illness or bad response can happen.

The below is a general breakdown and a compilation of what ails us in simple categories (certain points are interchangeable between categories):


  • Dietary - Eating a balance meal
  • Exercise - Regular exercise
  • Nutrition - Better food choices - For example: Diabetes need to watch their blood glucose level and avoid certain food.
  • Supplementing - With vitamins, minerals and others - For illness, optimal health and prevention.
  • Sleep - Cultivate better sleep habit - The same time everyday for the physical body to heal and repair damage cells.


  • Adapt to society
  • Work in harmony
  • Learning
  • Relationship


  • Positive mindset
  • Mental health
  • Overcoming psychological issues
  • Self-esteem
  • Stresses of all kinds
  • success and achievement


  • Healing the spirit
  • Overcoming past failure
  • Overcoming past trauma
  • Developing greater consciousness
  • Healing illness

A healthy lifestyle and good quality nutrition, even spiritual beliefs, will positively affect the health and well-being of all who practice this way of life. A multitude of reason can affect a person''s health. Being healthy means lower risks of various health problems such as cardiovascular problems, overweight and mental health issues like depression. It helps to minimize the symptoms of aging.

A good state of health has the advantages of making one feel relaxed, positive, alert throughout the day. Inactivity can reduce the body''s ability to digest food properly causing obesity and sluggishness. Different types of food can also affect out brain chemistry and our mood. Energy levels decreases when there is deficiency in our intake of nutrients. As a result, performance and other activity soon deteriorate. So it is important to maintain a well-balance food intake with proper supplementation.

To improve strength and the mind, the need for exercise is a must. Nowadays, a sedentary lifestyle is getting more common, with people spending more time in front of the TV or computer. So, having a good workout to boost your metabolism will definitely give your health a hand.

We also encourage the cultivation of a reading habit. In the search for treatment and healing of ailments, especially the challenging ones, most of the knowledge comes from research and scanning through the vast library of information contain in books, online resources and other media. It is through meticulous reading and willingness to keep going, that you can come across life changing treatment or recourse. So read on and discover what are the interesting and thought-provoking options available out there. All the best.

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