An Appeal to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum From a Direct Descendent of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

An Appeal to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum From a Direct Descendent of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)
An Appeal to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum From a Direct Descendent of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

Just as Your Highness Has Transformed Dubai; You Can Bring the Muslim World Into the 21st. Century by Reforming Muslim Education.

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, November 29, 2014 /Mental Health PR News/ -- There are cultural reasons why the Muslim world is suffering and is so behind the rest of the world. The brain consists of several engines/roots. There is an engine for math, science, language, playing and listening to music, canvas painting, dancing, singing, sculpture and even coding. While the rest of the world develops and strengthens all these engines our Muslim world lets the music playing, painting, dancing, singing and sculpture engines remain undeveloped. Thus while the rest of the world develops 10+ horse power brains our Muslim families develop 5/6 horse power brains. Just imagine a tree with 10 roots and another with just 5 roots. Our Muslim leaders must wake up to the reality of Muslim brain miseducation and neglect. We keep worrying about the Muslim world falling behind. What do you expect from a 5 horse power engine in a world of 10+ horse power engines?

Each neuron develops thousands of connections. When all the engines of the brain are fired up the neuron connections multiply and the whole brain network power increases and is strengthened geometrically. Even the math and science engines are primed up; supported by the music and dancing engines. When the music and dancing engines have atrophied the math and science links lead to dead ends that weaken even the math and science neurons. Just imagine having the capacity to develop a powerful brain but neglecting it and developing a weak brain.

You have the power to stop this tragedy and bring the Muslim brain on par with the rest of the world. In fact you can do better. The advanced world is still confused and fuzzy about wisdom education and they continue to ignore wisdom education. I have researched wisdom for the last 40 years. Wisdom is an innate property of the pure self. The pure self in science terms is a projection of an emotional baggage free brain. Thus wisdom education is brain therapy that heals an emotionally challenged brain into an emotionally healthy brain.

It is well established that man becomes wise by old age. What happens is that the emotional baggage that blocks wisdom is gradually ground out over many decades leaving the brain wise. Why not grind out the emotional baggage ASAP? Why let the emotional baggage settle in the brain in the first place?

Wisdom is emotional intelligence. Thus wisdom is a super healthy emotion. Healthy emotions spring from an emotionally healthy brain; thus ensuring wisdom is by ensuring emotionally super healthy brains. Wisdom education is brain healing.

Just as Your Highness has single handedly created the miracle of Dubai; Your Highness has this opportunity to transform the Muslim World into another one big Dubai; by reforming Muslim education.

The 4th R Foundation is a non-profit education research foundation that researches informal/emotional intelligence education, human nature, brain, mind, conscientiousness, self, wisdom, life coaching, adult reeducation, shyness, self image, emotional brain baggage etc.

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