Starting a Summer Temporary Tattoo Business

Starting a Summer Temporary Tattoo Business

If you have been considering getting a summer job and want to find one that is fun, easy and can make you a good amount of money, you may want to try what I did when I was young. This was doing temporary tattoos.

The good thing about this is that it is usually a weekend thing and you can make your own hours. The best place to do this is at events in your area. If you pick up the local paper or look online you will usually find that there are events going on all the time in your local area where you can set up a booth to do some airbrush tattooing.

What you will want to do first is make sure that the events you are trying to attend allow for vendors. If they do allow it, see how the pricing structure works. It may be that you have to split the commission with the event holders, but more than likely you will have to rent out the space at the event.

The things you will want to consider when trying to start as a vendor are 3 things. First is if the location accepts vendors and how long in advance you have to get your information in before the event. The second thing you will want to consider is how much money it is going to take you to start up at the project. And the third is probably one of the most important and it is where you will be able to setup. It is like the old saying that goes – location, location, location. If you are on the outskirts of the event it will be hard to drive enough foot traffic and have a percentage of those people take you up on an offer to get a temporary tattoo. Some people will just not be that into it and want nothing to do with it. While others will find it interesting and want to get a temporary tattoo, because they know it is just that temporary.

Just think of all the times you have been at a festival and there are booths with face paintings going on. This has the same appeal. Plus it can be better because it is not going on your face, unless they want it there.

Another benefit is that these temporary tattoos don’t hurt at all and look really cool. Plus in a couple of days they come off with a little bit of alcohol, soap, water and elbow grease.

Another good thing about starting a temporary tattoo business is that it doesn’t cost all that much money to start. And within a couple events you have made your money back to cover your costs and then from there it is profit. There are kits that range from everywhere from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Main thing to consider is to keep it within your budget. Whatever you can spare to start it up is probably where you want to shoot for in terms of equipment.

The main thing that you don’t want to skimp on is the compressor and airbrushes. Because without these two vital tools you don’t have a business. The paint on the other hand you can find comparable pricing and get something for a good price. You just have to search it out online. There are many places that have full put together kits that come with everything you need to get started.

Another thing that you will want to do before you go out and start tattooing people is to get some practice. Have some of your friends come over and let you practice on them. You will want to make sure that you have a good selection of stencils as well.

Stencils are going to be your best selling point. Having a great variety of stencils will give you many avenues to close the deal. It is hard for someone that loves tattoos and butterflies to walk by your booth and not want a tattoo of a butterfly.

There are a number of online stores that sell airbrush tattoo equipment. However a lot of these companies put on quite a markup for their systems.